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My Sali Avani
02-27-2014, 06:15 PM,
My Sali Avani
Friends this is Archan from Mumbai. I am living in Mumbai with my wife and child. Often my younger sali [younger to my wife] comes and stays with my wife when i am out for business. On my house PC i have installed a surveillance system so as i can monitor who is doing what on my home pc.

When so ever my Sali is at home during my absence she uses my PC for viewing pornography and chats all bull shits with unknown persons on chat rooms. I had kept the hard copies saved of all her activity, in case it could help me for any cause. This all she does when my wife sleeps in night. My Sali is younger to my wife and her boob size is some 36C and has a nice figure.

Many times when she comes home I have been admiring her boobs, and many times she marked me viewing at her boobs and then turning away her face. But this she never disclosed to her sister nor to anyone at home. Once my In laws wanted wife to accompany them to a wedding of someone known at native place.

She was not ready to go, as then I would be all alone, and then I would have to arrange food from hotel, which I hardly liked. My In laws house was about 1.5 Kms from my residence. As my Sali was also not going with them due to her college Exams coming up. So my wife insisted my Sali that during morning hours she comes and makes tiffin for jijajee and then she leaves for college and with the permission of

In laws it was agreed that she would come to my house before going to College and make my tiffin and then leave for college from here. Time came and all of then went for native place I and my Sali dropped them at station and then while coming back I dropped my Sali at her house. She was to stay there with her Nani. Next day morning at about 9 am morning bell ranged and when i opened the door, saw my Sali {Avani } she wished me morning and then came in.

After keeping her books and all went to kitchen to make breakfast for me. I was still in lungi and when I saw her boobs I got a bit aroused and there was a movement in my lungi. In few minutes she served me tea and again went back to kitchen for making food for me. After having tea I took bath and by that time she made my breakfast.

She said after breakfast I would leave for office and she would make food and keep it in fridge. Then breakfast was ready at the dining table. We both had breakfast together, and she was a bit shy as we were alone at home. I then asked about her studies and the college activities. Then I asked her what she has been doing at my PC during night times when I am out and when she stays with her didi.

She said noting just surfing likes downloading songs and other stuffs. Then I told her Avani don’t act smart I know what the bloody stuff you watch on Pc and what vulgar chats you do online with unknown persons in chat rooms. She was surprised as how do i know, So I told her I have a surveillance system installed at my pc and any activity on my pc would be checked by me at any given time.

So told her now I know which all sites she visited what all she chatted and what all things she knows about sex. She started crying and said it was her friend who gave the site address and then this all started. But I told her now I have to inform this to her didi and then to her parents. She started crying and was pleading me not to inform, or else she would not be able to show her face in family.

But then I was also trying to act as I am also against this activity. Then she said Jijajee pls help me now it’s only you who knows about this and no one else in family will come to know. But I told that i would have to at least inform her didi, as she trusts me so much, but she insisted that I should not even inform this to her didi, as in case her didi may sometime tell her mother and others.

So she said “Jijaji I can do anything for you, but please see that this matter is not leaked”. Then I took her close to me and said now you have put me in a trouble. But she put her head on my shoulder and cried and said Jijajee, you can only save me now from this, and for you I can do anything anything.Then I told her that I am getting late for office and then told her would see if there is a way out, so told her to come in evening after college and then let’s see what can be done.

And then she made my tiffin in hurry and we both left for the day. Whole day in office I was thinking as what to do, and then I finally decided to take my sali on my bed as she would now do anything to save herself from this matter. Evening I called her up early to ask what time would be she free, so she said she has not attended a single lecture and was roaming out, so told her to come straight to my house as some alternative has been found.

I left early from office and reached home, set my bed, sprayed some perfume in bedroom and washrooms. In abt 15 min she was at the door. She came in and sat on sofa. Looking at me, and then I said see we could come to an agreement on this issue. She has to favor me and I would not disclose her deeds to anyone.

She agreed instantly. But then I told her salijee have you heard of a muhavra sali adhi gharwali hote hai so she laughed and said yes jejajee, so I said chalo now prepare to be my second adhi gharwali, if you be my adhi gharwali I would spare you and then you can also have real fun instead of having funs on net.

She was surprised, and said then what about didi, I said you forget your didi, I would make you better than your didi in bed. I would teach you things the better way I did you didi. Now tell me are you ready? She said yes with a smile. And then I pulled her towards me and started kissing her on her face and holding her boobs with one hand.

Avani do u remember I have many a times stared at your boobs and you have also noticed it, am i right, she said yes jijajee, I have seen you many times staring at my boobs. But now Jijajee these boobs you can taste it, its yours hehehe.

I started squeezing her boobs and kissing her licking her face. Now pushed her to bedroom and told her to lie down on bed. She was wearing Punjabi suit and I removed her dupatta, now she was lying on my bed with her shalwar and kameez. Slowly i went to bed and moved her kameez up and kissed her navel. She was holding my head moaning as i licked her navel.

Slowly I removed her shalwar and made her half nude and she was now only in her panties. Slowly I moved my face over her panty which has started giving out juices. I removed her panty and kissed her Pussy, then started licking her pussy yam yam and she also started moaning ohhh,,great…lick deep jejaje more drink it deep…llyy and I was more harder at her pussy with my mouth.. licking slurping and also fingering her ass….. she said jijajee I kia aap didi ki bhi chut aise hi chaate ho,

I said yessss uski to aur rasili hai teri to abhi kachi hai… haan aaj tujhe puri tarah ladki se aurat bana dunga mai….jaise teri behen ko banaya tha…and she smiled. Then I told her to remove her kameez and now she was in just bra good boob of 36. Now I was to suck the boob which I have been admired since I saw this girl. I unhooked her bra and then started squeezing her boobs and sucking one by one.

I told her to remove my pants and look for my Dick. She obeyed me and slowly she made me naked. Now was just in Undies. I stood beside bed and she was on bed, Told her to remove my underwear and suck my dick, which instantly she did. But once she saw my dick….baap re kitna bada hai….bhot takleef hoge mujhe,

I told her not to worry tumhari didi ne bhi yehi kaha tha lekin dekho use maine oiling karkey chod dia aur uski gand bhi double oiling karke mar dee hai. She was surprised on hearing Gand bhi mar diee hai, jijajee kia aap meri bhi gand marogee,

Yes i said, dekhana chudai ke baad gand marwane ka maza, fir dobara pehle kahogee ke gand maro fir chodna,,, now suck my dick…she started sucking my dick up and down left and right and also my testes……now my dick was full hot. Told her Avani are u ready for fuck, she was yes and she adjusted herself on bed.

I told her as its her first time fuck she would need lubrication and some plastic would have to be kept under, but she said jijajee its not necessary, as she said she would not lie, she has already been fucked twice by her boy friend. but again said not to disclose this. I said anyway then has her boy friend used her Ass, she said no he never touched her ass, so I said now her ass is only for Me to lick, suck, fuck and all.

So she promised as no one would have command over her ass its only for her jijajee. Now I was ready with my dick on her pussy. Stroking started slowly and she also moaning…yes..deeper..fat jiagee….ahista ahista dhaklo… oiymaa…and now with her oimaa my full dick was inside her chut and i started giving her strokes, and strokes and strokes and my hands

Working on her boobs and also her body her ass kissing her licking her and thereafter in about 5-7 minutes i told her i am coming and she also reached climax and i then removed my dick from her pussy and put the same in her mouth and discharged in here mouth, but she did not drank and removed out.

I was angry so she said it’s all new to her I would have to teach her everything so she would do one by one. I then said ok and then we relaxed for about 30 min. during relaxation I was telling her about how to fuck ass and how to keep position during ass fuck.

By the time we were ready she was knowing all about ass fuck, and she herself presented her ass to me, said jijajee aaaj is gand ke sath suhag rat manaiye… and what next i made her in doggie position licked her ass for few minutes and put lubrication on my dick as well as inside her asshole.

And started stroking…ohhhh nai hota bardasht kitana bada hai nai jaigaaaaaawaha bas bas basa i said nothing doing aaj to iski suhag raat manaunga mai aur teri gand me pura mera land dalunga jaise teri didi ki gand me dala tha and slowly again i started now she was enjoying as i did slowly pushing my dick in her ass and moving my hands over her boobs and caressing her,

Half of my dick was in and she was in pain but not disclosing as its paining and as and when i gave a stroke she use to get pain and moan but by the time my whole dick was inside her ass she has settled down and started to like, but as her ass was so thigh i could not stay inside her ass for more than 2 min and i had a forceful discharge in her ass.

And i removed the dick from her ass, and what i saw next is she now tells me to give dick in her mouth as she want to taste the juice which she could not last time and happily she licked my dick. Then we went to take bath. She got ready and said would make dinner.

While making dinner I told her to be naked and serve me dinner naked, we had naked dinner ball and then after dinner she left and promised me that next day morning she would come soon for making my tiffin, and while tiffing is getting ready we would have a session of fuck n suck.This continued till my wife came back…and there after when either of us are in need of sex we use to discuss on phone and then go to a hotel and have fun.

And at home also when we use to get chance, I use to press her boobs and she use to hold my dick from my pants… this is going on till today and I have told her that even after she is married I would need her and she agreed said its partial my property and i would have right of admission always on her body. She gave birth to my child
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